The importance of the physical point of sale in retail

You know that…

Big companies like Amazon are thinking about opening a physical store despite being one of the most profitable online business in the world?And, despite the importance that the E-commerce is taking, the point of sale it is still emerging as the strategic center of all commercial activity.

So if the point of sale is so important, let’s take care of it. How? Generating a satisfying customer experience, the customers should leave the store with the feeling of having done a good purchase and eager to return, the famous and witty “I’m not stupid.” But this is not so easy, is influenced by numerous factors that many business managers are unaware or do not consider necessary. Even some of them influence consumers unconsciously, but affect their shopping experience.

“82% of the brands think they are offering an optimal experience while 72% of consumers has found inconsistencies in the same experience at any of the point of sale.”

Point of Sale ExperienceIf anything is clear it is that there are many factors that influence and impact the consumer’s mind in the physical point of sale, and therefore there are many opportunities to improve their shopping experience. The problem is to think about the consumer as a purely online or offline because it is increasingly becoming a mixed model. Examples like Showrooming or ROPO of consumer’s behavior have been already explained previously. The experience of a customer depends on each of the contact points they receive, either if it’s online or on the same physical point of sale.

You know that…

Consumers still prefer a shopping day in a physical store? No matter how sophisticated the ecommerce websites are, during weekends the shopping excursions still have no equivalent in the virtual world.

“49% of consumers prefer physical stores to see, test and” maybe “buy”

That is, those who go shopping only have “some idea” of what they want to buy, and this is an opportunity because it is the place where new purchases are forged, whether they were thinking of buying or not. But now that we are aware of the importance of the point of sale, the challenge is to take care and improve it.

What factors influence the experience at the point of sale?

The key factors are queues, staff and signaling, in that order.

59% of respondents would not repeat in a shop with long queues to pay. 21% dislikes that the staff were no available or that it is overwhelming. And finally 18% complained of not finding contact points as fitting room and packages collection points”

Therefore, we should not forget that the point of sale is still very important, and a good shopping experience is essential for the retention and attraction of new customers. At the end of the day, if something like it, it is recommended, and word of mouth has become increasingly important among an increasingly informed and demanding customers.

But … How to identify the improvements that I have to make in my point of sale? What do I do so that there is less queuing? How do I improve the signal? Do not worry, here we will advise you.

Statistical data by Qmatic

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