III National Congress of Retail – Neuromarketing, Ecommerce and Travel Retail

What can bring neuromarketing to Retail and what its future prospects? What is Travel Retail? What are the projections for Spain Ecommerce? These, among others, are the issues under discussion at the Third National Retail Congress in Barcelona today and continues tomorrow.

The conference is organized by Amicca with the help of Barcelona City Council and with the support of Modaes.es as media partner. The event has become a benchmark in the national Retail, but this third edition has further expanded its influence and content. For two days, the Casa Llotja de Mar becomes a space where professionals gather and share visions, strategies, ideas, challenges, challenges … etc.

What’s new in Retail?

Travel Retail BrandPOSThe protagonists of the congress are Neuromarketing, E Commerce and Travel Retail. Thanks to the interview with FashionUnited Alfredo Martin, president of the congress, we can draw conclusions from the issues raised on these issues, We let you know about it!

#Neuromarketing: Much has been said about it, especially applying to acts of purchase. To refresh her memory, neuromarketing is a market research methodology that provides information on emotional, memory and unaware behavior prediction produced by brand, advertising, product packaging, point of sale, etc. .. all this without asking research participants.

This allows us to measure the influence of emotions in purchasing decisions, as well as analysis of emotional activation and engagement of the elements that produce the point of sale, so it has become a useful tool for Retail sector.

 It allows to measure the influence of emotions on purchase decisions, analysis of emotional arousal and engagement

#Ecommerce: Point of sales near prefers the shopping experience. That itself is a wonderful reference tool. The online and offline world today is only one! The purchase is made at the time that the consumer makes the decision to get a product, which can be on one channel or another (see ROPO consumers Vs. Showrooming)

#Travel Retail: The airports have become a new area of expansion for Retailers thanks to the booming of Travel Retail. Within months ago, companies like Gap or Victoria Secret’s have chosen an airport to land in Spain, which is among the top positions in travel retail as conventional retail.

How the companies choose where to open new stores?  Thanks to the flow of travelers, as occurs in a traditional mall, therefore, the airports most sought after firms are Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Palma and Tenerife Norte, for tourism and commercial potential.

The Future Shop RetailIn addition, it presents The Future Shop, an experiential space where Congressmen can experience and test the actual operation of the technologies and solutions that define the present and the immediate future: RFID, beacons, Wi-analytics, video analytics, music marketing, holograms , neuromarketing, digital signage, virtual tester, business intelligence, augmented reality, payment automation, lED lighting, HR management solutions, micromapping, mobile devices and new technologies essential today for Retail.

Other topics such as branding and marketing, new retail concepts, Internationalization, economy and retail brands are human, technology and retail, the reality of multi-brand retail vs. e-commerce, Real Estate in Turning Point …

Do not worry for not attending, we’ll keep you updated!

Featured imaged: Comercio de Barcelona

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