Stratesys and BrandPOS in the media

Stratesys and BrandPOS are still in the media, this time at Actualidad Económica. This week they published their famous special “Who’s Who” with its 2015 edition.

Stratesys and BrandPOSWhat is this really about?

The full name is “Who’s Who in the Spanish company” and is a catalog of the main Spanish companies sorted by sector, which provides information on who takes the decisions in each area.

This special is actually a continuously updated database, which contains a wealth of value-added information on the dashboards of each company.

Well, there is Stratesys once again highlighted as one of the main players in the field of consulting in Spain. Internationalization, increased demand for services and employment growth are some of the highlights in the consulting during the last year as Stratesys mentioned in his blog.

Stratesys and BrandPOSAnd not only that, but to enhance the beginning of June, a Mexican digital business magazine, Business and Marketing in Bajio, has published one of the most read posts from our Blog BrandPOS, ROPO Consumers and Showrooming in Retail, and the remarked it in the home section.

This digital magazine, updated information daily, reporting on a different topic each day. Hence the Monday of Advertising, Tuesday of Social Media … etc.

In addition, it should be noted how the information gets published, and its partners system. They have created a network of contributors who write articles from time to time for them altruistically. In addition, his way of getting financing is through donations.

We will continue working to have a reference content in the media!

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